Are Logbook Loans Worth It?


Logbook loans are popular not only because the financial product is easily accessible but also due to the controversies surrounding it. Yes, logbook loans are quick and easy to avail but it also comes with high risks and high interest rates. For these reasons, many financial experts shun the personal loan. Despite the warnings, however, …

Why I Prefer Secured Loans over Unsecured Loans


If you’re like most consumers, chances are high that you’ve had your fair share of personal loans. I have applied for several loans myself. I am still paying my mortgage loan, for example. I have also applied for an auto loan a few years back and I have dipped my toes trying different types of …

How to get the best personal loan deal


Whether you’re applying for a small short term loan or a large secured loan, there are key tips and tricks you need to know about if you want the best deal available in the market. These tips I’ll share will ensure you’ll be able to avail personal loans suitable for your needs and budget. If …

Tips to Building a Credit History for Young Consumers


Whether you’re in the market to take out a personal loan or apply for a mobile phone contract or get a new credit card, your credit score is a major consideration for providers and lenders. Having bad credit, for instance, can mean a lot of disadvantages. In fact, your application is going to be refused …

Smart Guide to Secured Personal Loans

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There are two major types of personal loans which are unsecured and secured personal loans. Each type has pros and cons as is true with any type of debt. But if you wish to take out a large amount of loan for a major investment or a major expense, you are better off taking out …

6 Questions to Ask Before You Borrow Money


Maybe you need to borrow money to pay for car repair, an overdue bill or to cover last month’s bill. Maybe you’re buying a new car and you need down payment. Maybe you’re starting a new business and you need additional capital. No matter your needs are, borrowing money comes with advantages and disadvantages. It …